Full Customer Satisfaction

The only option to be in the global automotive market is to present our client a comprehensive range of services: from an highly competitive product pricing, to an agile project management and a rigorous strategy of zero product defect, zero quality incident.

Be able to maintain our client system products referential without any compromise, using German origin VDA, as our company standard management policy.


​Our management system is built according a solid core of IATF 16949_2016 requirements.

We have full compliance with German VDA Standards.

Environmental Management certification ISO14001 is a near future goal, and we are currently putting in place the preliminary steps to achieve it in 2020.

Within our strategic aim is OHSAS Labor Risks prevention system.

Our group accounts are also certified by Grant Thornton.


Email: barcelona.client.service@coldtech.es
Phone: +34 935 882 342


Avda. Antonio Gaudi 52, Rubi (Barcelona – Spain)

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